Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Senior Project: Scene 44

I'm working on a project to cap off my education at Biola. Called "Scene 44", it is an action scene from a fictitious thriller movie. Target length is 1 minute. Target number of effects is 15. No chroma-keying or CGI--all practical effects. It will be shot on HDV, but likely down-res'd to DV for web and my reel.

Here's the third re-write of the script. It's probably quite close to the final version; just needs to be smoothed over.

Minimal plot, minimal acting, minimal writing...It's all in the effects and editing.
Monitors exploding... guys being dragged across the floor, up a wall and levitating there... smoking computers and falling ceilings. Yeah baby this will be fun.

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karama maiha said...

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