Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cell Phone Trials

I've been hard at work on the 'bleeding cell phone' rig. The plan is for blood to flow down the screen, and out of the middle menu button, 3 and 5 buttons. pictures yet. Still don't have a camera.
But here's the diagram and the process.

First, I scavenged a cell phone from an e-dump. Took the battery off. Realized that the screws were all star-head... which I don't have. So I started prying it off. To heck with the screws. Ripped the circuitry out, pulled out the buttons and all, and then applied caulk all over the inside. Stuck all the buttons back, except the ones I want to bleed. Turned it over and cleaned the off the caulk that squeezed through with the buttons.

After that dried, I cut a piece of lexan and drilled a hole through. Superglued a 1/4" tube to it and caulked that baby into the back of the phone. Stuck the back half of the case back on and cleaned up the edges... and yup--caulked it again. It ain't going nowhere.

Gave it a test run buy filling up the tube with blood and blowing into it.

"Creepy." -Evan

It burbled out, dripping down the cell. Perfect consistency, methinks. But I realized that blowing wasn't going to do the trick. Really need to test it with a full blood squeezie. But I did learn what I wanted to learn: the blood did come from the proper holes, and even after all that caulk, still oozed from the side just a tad. A few minor adjustments and we'll be good to go.

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