Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Shooting Day Wrapped

Yesterday was the first day of Scene 44's shoot. We had the HVX and first camera, and a DVX as second.

The whole crew was awesome. Everyone worked very well together and executed some very precise orders flawlessly. Because of this, we had no injuries [YES!!] and the FX looked great.

We shot the last two sequences, starting with Shelly running down the hall, through the Coworker scene up to the last shot with the door closing. I was thrilled with how the Coworker's scene went, and the 'monitor explodes' stunt went very well. Those were the two I was most anxious about.

We will have one more half-day shoot to get the Intern scene, and then filming will be wrapped.

Cast and crew on set: Adria Murphy, Amy Stoothoff, Dave Sidebotham, Evan Walker, Trevor Stewart, Hannah Christensen, Hannah Roberts, Sarah Hastings, Amanda Turner, Gersom Aguilar, and Myself.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to each member of my cast and crew. Every single one of you were invaluable to this shoot. From cleaning, to gripping, to fx assisting, to lighting, still photography, showing patience while we set up the shot, contributing to the great attitude on set... Thank you all so much. I would work with any of you again in a heartbeat.

Pictures will follow shortly.

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