Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Think my roommates are going to kill me; I've been hogging the stove and counter for days making endless slabs of fx glass. There's sugar residue on everything. I promise I'll clean up, guys. Sorry.

We're 4 days til the shoot, and counting. Still doing battle with Metzger to get the location.

Sarah's hard at work on the special costumes, and I'm searching for a blood squeezie. Need to rig a steaming computer, and all the fx will be complete.

Today I'll be nailing down the last of the storyboards and listing out the shooting schedule. When I shoot, I like to have everything planned down to the letter so that nothing is missed and nothing unforseen can occur.

Thur or Fri I plan to go to Metzger to shoot some stills in preparation for the shoot. Want to see how it frames up on camera before we actually shoot the film.

I'm so excited over all this; seeing the fruit of 5 months of pre-pro.

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