Thursday, January 1, 2009

The "Michael Bay Gun"

Inspired by Gears of War 2, I've started a new project: A big nasty rifle.

  I want this sucker to be huge and unweildy, and something akin to a full-auto m203 launcher. 1-inch barrel, heavy as all getouts, detachable magazine, massive shotgun-style fore-end that moves the bolt and if i feel gutsy, ejects a big honking shell. Finish for it will be heavy on paint chips, scratches and grime.  If it doesn't dwarf you while holding it, you need to lay off the steroids.
  Plan is to carve/sculpt it up first, then cast it in high-impact plastic, with lots of metal for weight.  Starting with 2x4's, I carved out a spot for the fore-end and track for the barrel to sit in.

Attached the barrel, added more wood for the stock, clayed up the front and top, carved up grip.
Next up, attach the grip, slim down the stock and rough out a clip for this bad boy.

It will probably have iron sights, but i'm toying with the idea of three lasers wired together in a predator-esque fashion.  

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