Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feast 3: The Happy Finish

I did a miniature for Feast 3: The sequence where the bus bursts out of the ground...

T'was my work, but sadly I was forgotten in the credits.  Producer Mike Leahy kindly apologized to me, 
   "Huge apology Will!!! ... I am a big fan of yours and somehow 
in the furious finish of the movie we dropped the ball...You came 
through big time for the movie."

So the credit will be on IMDB, but sadly not on the actual movie credits.

I actually doubled for the prophet for one shot in 'crawling through the sewer' sequence, but don't mind being uncredited for that one. It's such a minor shot, and I had fun doing it.


In the mean time, MEL's great fun. I learn something every day there. Makeup expert Bob Romero's been personally teaching us about wig and hair work.  Took a field trip to the Fashion District in LA too. Bob showed us around the place--he's been so kind to us despite the fact we're lowly interns. I can say only the best things about Bob. =D

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