Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just finished a set of bookends for my wife. She wanted ones that looked like a bridge with a boy on one side and a girl on the other.
Started by measuring out some foamcore, scoring it at 1cm intervals and hot gluing it down to another strip of foamcore. Making sure it curved evenly, I traced out the curve onto some basswood and cut along the lines. Glued the wood to the foamcore and cut slits for the vertical posts.
Set the posts in and cut them 3" from the top of the foamcore. After this photo, I soaked and bent 2 long strips of basswood, leaving them bent to dry. I rounded the tops of the posts and glued the railing to the posts.
Started sculpting the girl.

Started sculpting the guy.
I bent a sheet of steel to a 90-degree angle, and hot glued it to another sheet.
Hot-glued the bridge to 'em to make it a functional (though lightweight) bookend. Sprayed it with metallic bronze.

Finshed the sculpts and sprayed it all bronze. Antiqued the figures with black acrylic paint, then sprayed a clear gloss coat to finish 'er up.

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