Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scene 44 is Picturelocked!

After two semesters of work, Scene 44 has finally reached fruition. At 56 seconds long, it became the powerhouse of action and FX that I dreamed it would. It earned compliments from my peers and the professor:

"This sounds kinda sick...but that's the kind of thing I could watch over and over!" -Dr. Gonzales

Once I get permission for the music, I will post Scene 44 here. Not interested in getting sued over 40 seconds of music...

A sincere thank-you to all my cast and crew:

Gersom Aguilar -Security, Grip
Hannah Christensen -Grip, Chief Hydrator
Sarah Hastings -Wardrobe, FX Assistant
Johnathan Mastron -FX Assistant,
Jeremy McMahan -Photographer, FX Assistant
Adria Murphy -Coworker
Hannah Roberts -Grip
David Sidebotham-2nd Camera, Key Grip, Intern, Script Supervisor
Trevor Stewart -FX Assistant, Grip
Amy Stoothoff -Shelly
Amanda Turner -FX Assistant, Grip
KJ Wade -Boom Op, FX Assistant
Evan Walker -Camera and ADP

Special Thanks to Dave, Amy and Evan for going way above and beyond their commitments.

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