Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This week MEL FX did not have a big project for me to help on, so I had time to do my own sculpture.  Started with an old lifecast bust of a man and added clay on top, building it up to transform my him into a morbidly obese version of himself.  Sounds fairly simple....

But I had never even attempted to sculpt a human face before.

6 hours into the project, it started to to look pretty good. Then none other than Brian Thompson walked into the studio!  I met him and when he saw my sculpture he asked what I was working on. I told him I was "Just doodling."  He raised an eyebrow and repeated incredulously "Doodling...?!" then walked away.  I grinned at the compliment.

8 hours in, I was pretty happy with the direction it was going.  Fat-Man had 3.5 chins and rolls on the back of his neck, chubby cheeks and bags under his eyes. Started smoothing it up and my friend Stuart Hirsch walked up.  He's a very talented artist and fellow intern at the studio.  He noted that my sculpture was "...@$#% good." I thanked him and quietly noted that I've never sculpted a person before. He told me "Dude, you should be shouting that from the rooftops!"

Think it's going over well. =D  I'm light years away from the talent of other artists there, but this is a highly encouraging start. Probably 6 more hours left on the sculpture, most of it is smoothing and then texture.   Hoping to make Fat-Man good enough that Paul or Alan will notice.  My goal is to somehow become truly valuable to MEL [bring them lots of money and cause no trouble] and make them congratulate each other for bringing me onboard. It will  be lots of work, but I am willing. Pictures to come...when paycheck->camera comes.

On the way out today, I met Michael Sheen.  He's very polite and gentlemanly. Can't wait to see him in Underworld 3!

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