Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Faux Library

The Faux Library is a neat little prop shop that I found while wandering through back-alley North Hollywood.  Their deal is that they make and rent out normal looking books that are light as a feather. This is very valuable to set changers who have to move an entire bookshelf...set books up...take books down...move shelf...set books up...repeat ad absurdum.  Eats up a lot of valuable shooting time.
With faux books, you can cut out those middle steps. Set it up once, move the shelf, take them down when done.  Smart! I like the way they think.
They also make their own magazines covers and custom books covers that do not need licenses or releases to be shown onscreen, along with realistic covers for books that the public cannot get a hold of: CIA manuals, Top Secret Docs, etc.

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